Heritage Angling Products

Heritage Angling Products is a family operated business based in the heart of West Michigan's spey country dedicated to spey and tube fly tying enthusiasts.

We offer a complete range of specialty fly tying materials for tying the tube fly patterns used in spey fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout that includes the finest tubing and tube fly tying components. These tube fly components can also be used for warm and saltwater tube flies. Our offering includes tubing, tube cones and Turbo Discs.

In addition to this website being a way to check out our line of products, we also intend for it to be educational as well and hopefully take some of the mystery out of tying tube flies. Our Tying Tube Flies page has a detailed step by step instructional for tying tube flies in the classic Scandanavian style. We also have examples of productive tube fly patterns for spey fishing in the Photos section.

Tubes/ Cones/Turbos/Shumakov Style/

HAP Tube Flies

Blue-Shimmer Dark-Helmet Electric-Blue
Blue-Shimmer Dark-Helmet Electric Blue
Feenstra-Style Ice-Shimmer Pumpkin-Flash-Sculpin
Feenstra Ice Shimmer Pumpkin
Rusty Olive